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Brief History

The church in Christchurch is a group of Christians who hold the common faith of all Christians, love the Lord Jesus and meet together according to the biblical basis of one church in one city.

In 1969 a Christian brother read “The Normal Christian Church Life” by Watchman Nee and received spiritual vision and edification. He went to Hong Kong to contact the church that was started by Watchman Nee. He contacted the church in Hong Kong Book Room and talked with a brother there. He then visited Taipei, Taiwan and became more impressed with their enjoyment of the Lord. He also became more clear that what the Lord wanted was the church. At about the same time other seeking believers in New Zealand also contacted the church in Los Angeles, through The Stream magazine. Their understanding of God’s purpose as revealed in the Bible became clearer and their love for Jesus Christ was freshly rekindled.

In June, 1970, five seeking Christians from New Zealand attended the International Conference with a co-worker of Watchman Nee called Witness Lee in Los Angeles, California. When they arrived back in New Zealand they began to contact their Christian friends and relatives to tell them about calling upon the name of the Lord and exercising their human spirit, and a number of other believers were very much attracted to experience the Lord.

In March, 1971, Witness Lee came to visit the churches in New Zealand. He visited Palmerston North, Tauranga and Auckland. After this, about 25 seeking Christians went to Los Angeles for the Summer Conference and Training in 1971. This was a great introduction to the church life and it expanded and enlarged their view of the Lord’s recovery.

This was the beginning of the practice of visiting the churches. From the very beginning the churches in New Zealand also had mutual fellowship together. There were three churches and every holiday or long weekend the believers would gather together for a conference. By 1973 brothers and sisters had moved to Wellington and Auckland, the two main cities of New Zealand.

The Lord’s recovery is to recover the testimony of the one Body of Christ through the practice of the church life. Throughout the years of the church life in New Zealand the Lord has kept the churches in oneness.

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